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Our point of view
Marketing and Finance have a famously fractious relationship with each accusing the other of failing to understand how to create value. Marketing sees value as a Customer concept (expressed as benefit over price) while Finance sees it as a Corporate concept (expressed as revenues over cost). Both perspectives are correct and neither is sufficient. We see the tension between Marketing and Finance as the manifestation of the key challenge in business — how to deliver customer benefit at an attractive economic cost to the business.

Much of the work of Type 2 Consulting focuses on how to increase the mutual respect of Marketing and Finance so that we can harness the respective contributions of the two disciplines and deliver breakthrough business strategies.

Highlighting the different perspectives on brand equity is the topic of our forthcoming cover article "Clarifying the Brand Equity Picture" in the July/August edition of the AMA's Marketing Management.

The tension between the two worldviews embodied by Marketing and Finance is the topic of our book "Vulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI," published in January 2008. The book is intended to help anyone responsible for marketing investment determine and communicate the business case for branding.

A concise articulation of the relative priorities of Marketing and Finance appeared in our article "Reconcilable Differences" in the June 2007 edition of Harvard Business Review.

An earlier articulation of the thinking appeared in our article "Learning to Like Each Other" in the February 2003 edition of Professional Investor.

This topic is the subject of our forthcoming book "Sibling Rivals" that puts forward the argument that Marketing and Finance are both branches of Economics, traces the similarity of the concepts and frameworks used by each discipline, and explains how to achieve more effective collaboration between them.
Type 2 consulting, branding, brand, Jonathan Knowles
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